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Perfect Fleet Category: Construction Hoists

Bigge operates one of the largest construction hoist fleets in the nation. Our fleet is among the youngest in service, and of the best in class. Alimak SCANDO 650 is our flagship; available in single, dual, and high-speed configurations. With over 300 construction hoists available for rent, we selected one that we believe is the safest, most cost efficient, easy to maintain and operate.

Alimak hoists are out top choice in hoists – these next generation hoist cars are easier to install and operate than many of their predecessors. They offer greater safety, reliability, and flexibility for passengers and materials on your job site.

Alimak Scando 650

The Alimak Scando 650 is a construction hoist with a maximum payload capacity of 7054 pounds. The maximum speed of the 650 is 312 feet per minute and the maximum lift height is 825 feet. Alimak also offers…